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January 7, 2021 Article

Equiprime’s Newest High-Power Equipment: Kobelco Hydraulic Excavator SK220XDLC and Sakai Vibratory Compactor SV521D

(From left, Mr. Okada Makoto & Tadashi Takahashi of Kobelco Construction Machinery South East Asia Co., Ltd. In the middle is Mr. Carlo Fruto General Manager of Equiprime Optimum Solutions, Inc. and Mr. Toshiyuki Ono & Takanori Kobayashi of Sakai Heavy Industries Ltd.)

Last 22nd of October, Equiprime Optimum Solutions, Inc. had a grand launching of two of their newest equipment: the Kobelco Hydraulic Excavator SK220XDLC and the Sakai Vibratory Compactor SV521D. The event was held in ABS-CBN Vertis Tent and featured activities and speakers that highlighted the company and the new equipment. The speakers for the event were Mr. Toshiyuki Ono and Mr. Takanori Kobayashi, representatives of Sakai Heavy Industries Ltd., and Mr. Okada Makoto for Kobelco Construction Machinery South East Asia Co., Ltd.

Kobelco Heavy Equipment

Kobelco Hydraulic Excavator SK220XDLC

Kobelco’s newest equipment in the SK series line up is the Kobelco Hydraulic Excavator SK220XDLC. This brand new product boasts its highly efficient and robust machine that can take on projects no matter the surface.

  • Fuel efficient for heavy operations What makes this equipment stand out is its power-saving and efficient fuel technology. This machine has a new arm regeneration flow system that controls hydraulic fluid flow and significantly reduces in-line resistance and pressure loss boosts fuel efficiency by about 16%. It's hydraulic circuit also reduces energy loss, which maximizes the machine's energy.
  • Attachments with strength as priority The machine features its strength and durability with upgrades from previous models, focusing on the boom and arm as these parts receive the most stress.
  • Meets comfort and safety needs The cab of this machine puts the operator’s comfort and safety at a high priority. With a larger seat space and installed air conditioning, the operator will be able to focus on their task at hand without any unnecessary discomfort.
  • They are used in the mining industry Excavators may be used for quarrying and mining river beds. There are even special mining buckets and extreme service buckets available for these purposes.
  • Last but not the least, they are also used in Forestry Its hydraulic attachments helps in brush cutting and forestry mulching, helping clear forests quicker than other possible methods. In a similar way, excavators are highly useful when it comes to general grading or landscaping duties
Sakai Heavy Equipment

Sakai Vibratory Compactor SV521D

The latest in SAKAI’s seventh generation of 10-ton class vibratory single drum rollers is the new SV521D SAKAI VIBRATORY SINGLE DRUM ROLLER. This vibratory compactor is a fully refined version of the previous models and is widely applicable to medium and heavy soil compaction works.

  • Powerful Compaction Force The brand new Vibratory Compactor has an amplitude of 2.05 mm and a centrifugal force of 26 tons. These create a powerful vibration and high amplitude that reaches deep underneath the surface. The machine also has a high density and uniform compaction throughout the layer.
  • Fuel-saving and cost efficiency The machine has an ECO Compaction Mode that saves fuel and energy. It is also durable and made of high-quality components for prolonged use and low maintenance costs.
  • Effective and exceptional traction The machine features an all-wheel-drive system that applies to both the drums and the tires of the equipment. This eases the mobility of the vehicle itself.
  • They are used in the mining industry Excavators may be used for quarrying and mining river beds. There are even special mining buckets and extreme service buckets available for these purposes.
  • Safety and comfort for the operator Sakai equipment highlights their shock-absorbing system for better vibration isolation, longer parts life, and the comfort of the operator.

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