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Sakai SW502S-1

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  • Sakai's new Eco compaction mode (ECM), which reduces fuel consumption up to 20%
  • High-low amplitude selector switch on the SW502S-1 and TW504 allows for use in wider applications.
  • Excellent gradability.
  • Vibration frequency 4,000 vpm allows high-speed compaction with optimum impact spacing (SW/TW354).
  • Built in safety features prevent accidental starting, starts only when the Forward, Neutral & Reverse lever is in the neutral position and press down the parking brake switch.
  • Emergency brake pedal is standard.
  • 1m x 1m visibility.
  • Sprinkler system with anti-clog package, i.e., a plastic water tank, triple-protection filtration, etc., and with perfect draining winterization.
  • Oil bath lubrication for drum vibrator mechanism.
Max Operating Weight kg(lb) 4,170(9,195)
Operating Weight kg(lb) 3,990(8,795)
Load on Front Axle (with operating weight) kg(lb) 1,990(4,385)
Load on Rear Axle (with operating weight) kg(lb) 2,000(4,410)
Centrifugal Force (L/H) kN (lb) 26.5 / 34.3 (5,955 / 7,710)
Frequency (L/H) Hz (vpm) 55/55 (3,300 / 3,300)
Amplitude (L/H) mm(in) 0.27/0.35(0.011/0.014)
Dynamic Linear Pressure for Front Drum N/cm (lb/in) 355/415 (204/239)
Dynamic Linear Pressure for Rear Drum N/cm (lb/in) 361/421 (208/243)
No. of Speeds 2
Speed Range (Forward & Reverse) (L/H) km/h (mph) 0-7.5/0-10 (0-4.7/0-6.2)
Gradeability %(°) 38(21)
Turning radius inside compacted surface m(in) 3.0 (119)
Overall Length mm(in) 3,100 (122)
Overall Width W mm(in) 1,390 (55)
Overall Height H mm(in) 1,705 (67)
Wheelbase mm(in) 2,300 (91)
Compaction Width mm(in) 1,300 (51)
Drum Diameter R / Drum Diameter Width W' mm/in 800/1300(31.5/51)
Ground Clearance mm(in) 280(11.0)
Curb Clearance mm(in) 635(25.0)
Side Clearance mm(in) 45(1.8)
Model V2203-M-ET04 (Interim Tier4)
Type Diesel, Water-cooled, 4-cycle, 4-cylinder
Displacement 2.197 (134)
Rated Output kW(HP)/min-1 29.1(39)/2,300
V(V/Ah x Qty) 12(12/72x1)
Electric System Alternator V/A 12/60
Transmission Type Hydrostatic
Type Direct Drive
Drive Wheel All Wheel
Poower Transmission Type Hydraulic
No. of amplitude 2
Vibrator Type Eccentric Shaft
Service Brake Hydrostatic dynamic brake through drive system / FNR Lever
Secondary Brake (Emergency Brake) Hydrostatic + Spring-applied hydraulically released (SAHR) / Brake Pedal
Parking Brake SAHR / Panel button
Type Hydraulic Type (articulated)
Steering / Oscillating angle (+/-) 3.5/4.0
Parking Brake SAHR / Panel button
Fuel Tank L(gal) 50(13)
Hydraulic Oil Tank L(gal) 49/12.9
Sprinkler Tank L(gal) 310(82)
Liquid Tank L(gal) -