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Sakai SW652ND

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  • SW652-1/-1k, standard model features 4,020vpm high frequency vibration by which can efficiently achieve the density faster and create smoother hot mix asphalt(HMA) mat.
  • "B model", split drum type is also equipped with high frequency vibration and is easy to operate in the tight corner without pushing or shoving the material.
  • On "ND model", oscillatory or circular (normal) vibration is selected by switch at operator station depending on the job conditions. The oscillatory vibration is good for thin lift and the circular vibration is effective for thick layer compaction.
  • Full view over drum surface, drum edge and sprinkler nozzles.
  • Auto shuft-off of water sprinkler when the Forward & Reverse lever is in the neutral position.
  • Rugged articulated centre-pin joint.
  • Long life Sakai patented rubber isolators for drums.
Operating Weight kg (lbs) 7,400(16,310)
Load on front axle kg(lbs) 3,600(7,935)
Load on rear axle kg(lbs) 3,800(8,375)
Overall Length mm(in) 4,300(169)
Overall Width mm(in) 1,615(64)
Overall Height(with AWNING) mm(in) 2,795(110)
Wheelbase mm(in) 3,100(122)
Model V3307-DI-T-KDN (Interim Tier4) (SW652-1 Series)
Model V3307-DI-T-E2B-RRSH1 (SW652-1K Series)
Type Diesel, Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection type with turbo charger
Drive Hydrostatic
Vibrator Eccentric shaft type