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Sakai TS200

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  • Pneumatic tires with uniform, high contact pressures and kneading effect achieve the target density.
  • Zero side clearance provides a full view of the tire edges for easy rolling along curbs and near buildings.
  • Fold-down awning is standard for easy transportation.
  • Five mirrors are standard safety equipment for good visibility.
  • Easy cleaning water tank with a large drain plug and sloped bottom.
  • Easy-access lubrication device for the drive chain is standard.
Max. Operating Weight kg (lbs) 15,080(33,245)
Operating Weight kg (lbs) 10,790(23,785)
Load on front kg(lbs) 4,310(9,500)
Load on rear kg(lbs) 6,480(14,285)
Overall Length mm(in) 5,040(198)
Overall Width mm(in) 2,065(81)
Overall Height mm(in) 3,205(126)
Wheelbase mm(in) 3,700(146)
Model BB-6BG1
Type Diesel, water cooled, 4 cycle, direct injection type