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Sakai TW504

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  • Sakai's new Eco compaction mode (ECM), which reduces fuel consumption up to 20%.
  • Excellent gradability.
  • Built in safety features prevent accidental starting, starts only when the Forward, Neutral & Reverse lever is in the neutral position and press down the parking brake switch.
  • Sprinkler system with anti-clog package, i.e., a plastic water tank, triple-protection filtration, etc., and with perfect draining winterization.
Operating Weight kg (lbs) 3,440(7,585)
Load on front kg(lbs) 1,980(4,365)
Load on rear kg(lbs) 1,460(3,220)
Overall Length mm(in) 3,105(122)
Overall Width mm(in) 1,390(55)
Overall Height(with AWNING) mm(in) 1,705(67)
Wheelbase mm(in) 2,300(91)
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Model D1703-M-DI-EF03 (Tier4)
Type Diesel, Watercooled, 4cycle, 3cylinder
Drive Hydrostatic
Vibrator Eccentric shaft